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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Forest School farm field trip

We were lucky enough to visit a Forest Schooler's family's farm today!  Located just up the road from the NBNC, we spent the morning exploring forests, ponds and streams, helping with farm chores and enjoying the humid spring weather (thankfully the thunderstorms held off!)
Here are some happy explorers!
We found some porquipine quills outside a den.  Did you know porqupines poop on their front stoops?

Who knew there was a cave that could fit the whole Forest School, and even some siblings?!
After exploring the forest, we helped with farm chores.  First we scrubbed water buckets for the ducks...
Then we collected chicken and duck eggs!

Afterwards, we played with the baby goats.

And had a peaceful time observing ducks.

Can you find the toad eggs? 
Here's a boat, made with woven ferns.

What a day it was!  So much fun learning happens at a farm.

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