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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wildflower Wednesday #7

The past week has dished out some wild weather, but that hasn’t stopped flowers from popping up at NBNC!  Let’s see what’s in bloom this week:

While this is not a flower we want to see, invasive honeysuckles are now in bloom along the river.  This invasive plants have a strong foothold at NBNC and many pollinators can be observed visiting its flowers, including several species of bumblebees.

Another invasive species currently flowering at the Nature Center is Carpet Bugle.  Look along the ground for this flower just over the bridge, where it can be most easily found along the trail.

Finally, a native species that is currently in bloom at NBNC is the Golden Alexanders.  Look for these vibrant blossoms along the river.

Coming Attractions:

Hawthorne is almost ready to flower!

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