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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wildflower Wednesday #4

Another Wednesday is upon us, so here is another wildflower update from NBNC. All these pictures were taken today!

Galium (also known as bedstraw) flowers are tiny, at less than 5mm. But there are thousands of them in the fields of NBNC. Later in the season, after the flowers are long gone, we sometimes find caterpillars of the Galium Sphinx Moth feeding on green leaves.

Orange Hawkweed is an attractive but non-native wildflower that can be found scattered throughout the fields at NBNC.

Cow Vetch (also sometimes called Purple Vetch) grows throughout the fields at NBNC. We see the Northern Amber Bumblebee (Bombus borealis) visiting the flowers occasionally. 

Yet another non-native species, Goat's Beard is just starting to open up in the fields.

Coming Attractions:

Milkweed is getting close to flowering... I look forward to it blooming every year... it is a pollinator-magnet!

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