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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wildflower Wednesday #2

A new set of flowers for our second installment this spring... the buds of our first flower just burst open for the first time this morning:

Hawthorne trees are scattered throughout the riparian forest between the field and the river, and they are full of white blossoms that have literally just opened today. Their smell can only be described as..... "interesting". You'll have to come smell for yourself while the flowers are fresh!

Few flowers within the field are currently in bloom, but the Redosier Dogwood is still looking quite nice! The brilliant red bark of this small dogwood species makes it a very handsome native species.

Now for a wildflower we're not happy to have... Wild Chervil. This invasive species is currently one of our top priorities to eliminate from the property. It is particularly easy to spot while in bloom. To see how this species can take over, look to the side of I-89 between exits 11 and 12, and you will see miles of Wild Chervil run rampant. Learn more about Wild Chervil.

And our first featured flower of the season that isn't white: the Golden Alexanders. These beautiful flowers can be found at a few locations along the river. Can you spot the small fly visiting the flower in this picture?

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