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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Learning beyond the classroom...in a bakery!

The Forest Schoolers had been showing real interest in baking and cooking projects, both real and imaginary, at the Nature Center.  They have made mud pies in our "Mud Kitchen," and savored homemade sumac lemonade and applesauce, and bread cooked over an open fire.  In order to enrich their learning and offer a different perspective on food preparation, a field trip to La Brioche bakery in Montpelier was organized.  The learning opportunities abounded, as did the sugar! 
During a tour of the kitchen, students watched an
industrial bread-rolling machine in action. 
What awe and amazement!

Chef Kat shows us how to pipe frosting onto a cupcake. 
We each practiced frosting cupcakes and decorated
Butterfly and Turkey cupcakes with candies and pretzels. 

That's one cute turkey!
Here we are, with all of our decorated cupcakes! 

 The students were really grateful for their experience at La Brioche.  It will be interesting to see how this learning opportunity extends into our interests at Forest School.  What do you think we should bake?

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