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Monday, November 25, 2013

Discovering Animal Homes

As the temperature dips down and the snow piles up, it is a good time to be thankful for having a warm and cozy home.  We celebrated animal homes a few weeks ago with Forest School, seeking out where animals lived.  We discovered that there are many creatures that have made their homes at the Nature Center!

After the leaves had fallen, we discovered many more bird nests than we had noticed earlier in the fall.

It is always fun to explore insect galls... we found baby flies living within the spherical balls on goldenrod stems.

The boxes that housed birds during summer have different residents now... we saw a mouse scurry out of this nest box after we opened it!

We watched quietly for several minutes hoping to see the mouse return to its nest.  

After finding animal homes in nature, we decided to make our own!  Here, a student shows off their mouse house, perched safely up in a tree.

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