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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Garden Prep!

Since the beginning of Forest School in September, students have been dreaming about gardening.  What do we plant?  When can we start?  How can we cook what we grow?  Now that it's the end of March, with the snow dripping and warmer breezes blowing, the students are finally starting to prepare for gardening in our little plot in the Community Garden at the North Branch Nature Center!

First, students filled seed flats with soil and planted pepper and tomato seeds. 

Then, they made labels for their seed trays.  This was an excellent time for young writers to practice their literacy skills!

Next, students chose which seeds they would like to grow in their "Dream Garden."  This served as an opportunity to categorize and sort, which are important math concepts for kindergarteners.

Students then wrote and drew in their journals the types of vegetables and flowers they wanted to plant.  (An excellent opportunity for more advanced writers to learn spelling and practice writing.)

After such great garden preparations, we ate lunch by the river and hung out with our friends in the springy sunshine.   What a good, full day it was!

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