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Monday, June 6, 2011

Birding Quest: 6-month Update

As you may have heard, NBNC has been rallying both avid and beginning birdwatchers throughout Washington County to participate in a state-wide bird “quest”. All fourteen Vermont counties are striving to document as many types of birds as possible using the free, online database called eBird. Half way through the year, Washington County birders have a lot to be proud of. As of June 1, 167 species have been observed in the county (compared with 149 species last year). Of particular note so far in 2011 has been the abundance of shorebirds and waterfowl that passed through county, many of which are listed below in the “notable sightings”. With another six months left, there is no telling what surprises might be in store… Visit the Washington County Birding Challenge page for updates.

The Shoveler (left) and Wigeon (right) stood side-by-side on Berlin Pond this spring, not knowing how rare they are in Washington County!

Notable Sightings (based on current records in eBird)

1st Documented Sighting:
Semipalmated Plover

2nd Documented Sighting:
Surf Scoter (first sighting in over 30 years!)
Sora (first sighting in over 30 years!)
Lesser Yellowlegs
Great Black-backed Gull
Northern Hawk Owl

3rd Documented Sighting:
American Wigeon (also 4th sighting)
Northern Shoveler (also 4th sighting)
Great Egret

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