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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Amphibian Migration Mid-Season Update

The first big push of amphibian in central Vermont occurred this Earth Day, April 22, and volunteers were out in force to help them as they migrated across roads. Collectively, volunteers spent over 25 hours monitoring 6 road crossings. Over 500 amphibians were moved off the road, including an impressive 136 Spotted Salamanders! This all despite the rain ending early in the evening, causing migration to slow as the roads dried up after dark.

Among the notable observations from the night, a Pickerel Frog was found on Center Rd (East Montpelier). The season’s first American Toads were also reported, from Center Rd (E. Montpelier) and Pond Rd (Huntington). In addition to all the amphibians, an impressive 3 Northern Watersnakes were reported on Pond Rd in Shelburne! Most reports indicated that the numerous Spotted Salamanders were all moving towards their breeding sites. The next rain could see a big movement in the reverse direction as they head back to the forest uplands for the summer.

The next opportunity for observing and monitoring the amphibian migration will be Saturday, April 26. 

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