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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to (Forest) School

Being a teacher, the end of the summer usually means sprucing up your classroom for the coming year.  At Forest School and Forest Preschool, we use the outdoor surroundings as our classroom.  Like here:

and here...

and on this rainy day, here...

So needless to say, "classroom prep" takes on a whole new meaning for Forest Preschool and School without the walls and windows of a traditional classroom.  Here are some of the school preparations that the NBNC staff accomplished today!

A puppet show space, and a pretty window to look through.

Our new fire pit!

The boundary for the building area or a bunch of logs to bound between, depending on how you approach it.

Working hard to prepare the ground for a covered hoop walkway for our wild grapes to grow over.  Stay tuned to see how the hoop walkway develops and how the rest of "Deer Camp" shapes up!

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