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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wildflower Wednesday #10

The fields at the Nature Center have become more colorful over the past week as more flowers have come into bloom.  Here is just a sample of flower photos from today at NBNC:

Red Clover, our state flower, is now blooming at the Nature Center!  Bumblebees love Red Clover this time of year, so watch for these fuzzy bees at flowers.

Ninebark is a non-native shrub that was full of blossoms today along the trail at the edge of the field.  Look for it near otter rock.

Often called "Indian Paintbrush", this plant is better known as Orange Hawkweed and is a non-native species that can be found in open areas, including throughout the fields at NBNC.  There is a yellow species that is also present, and the two grow together sometimes forming a colorful bouquet!

Many other flowers are also in bloom now, including many from previous weeks.  Stay tuned for more wildflowers next week!

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