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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wildflower Wednesday #1

Welcome to Wildfower Wednesday!  This weekly update on what’s in bloom at NBNC will track the phenology of wildflowers throughout the spring and teach you where to find some of our most gorgeous flowers.

This morning it was absent, but this afternoon it was there!  The Coltsfoot has sprung up across the street from NBNC.  This wildflower, always one of the season’s first, is commonly found in disturbed areas near roadsides next to heaps of sandy, melting snow piles left by plows weeks prior.

Beaked Hazelnut is in bloom across the bridge from NBNC, but you’ll need to look carefully for this minute flower.  Thanks to Bryan Pfeiffer for reminding us about these tiny beauties!  Check out some of his fabulous images of this flower at his blog.

Coming Attractions

One of my early-season favorites, Blue Cohosh, is growing rapidly in Hubbard Park!  If it stays wet and warm, this may be blossoming for next week’s Wildflower Wednesday.

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