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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gnomes and scavenger hunts

When the students arrived yesterday, we got our brains and bodies warm with a "Winter Scavenger hunt."

A partner pair scoping out the scavenger hunt list

While searching for animal signs, she tried to crawl along the top of the crusty snow.  Success!

We had our morning meeting and snack and then started our crafty project for the day: felt gnomes!

The necessary supplies: scissors, needles, thread, stencils
Felt and wool roving for stuffing the gnome

First, gather the materials.  Then, trace the stencil onto a piece of felt with a pencil or fabric marker.  Next, cut out the felt piece and sew the two sides together.  The pointed part will be pointed up.  Imagine that this is the gnome's hat!  Lastly, fill the gnome shape with wool roving and make friends with your new, little friend.

Careful sewing

After each student finished her gnome, she chose to build a home for it or draw and write in her journal about her gnome. 

Here is what this student's shared about her gnome:

"I'm going to name my gnome Roberta!  I love my gnome.  She looks almost exactly like yours, except for the stitching.  '(in a singing voice) Roberta, Roberta...' Guys, when all of our gnomes are done, want to play that its a gnome town?"

Gnome town

Our gnome posse

We spent the second half of the day eating lunch and playing at Deer Camp. 

Mustaches never get old!
With the temps in the mid-thirties, we could have stayed outside building, exploring, smelling, feeling and listening all day!  By the time we come back from February break in two weeks, the weather will probably be warmer and spring will be on its way, but you never really can tell in Vermont!  Zach and I envision less time for indoor craft projects and more time outdoors playing, exploring, learning, and gardening!!  (Stay tuned for more on that fun development soon.  Hint: it involves Home Depot...)

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