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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vermont well Represented in World Series... of Birding!

The World Series of Birding takes place in New Jersey in May of each year, and for over a decade, youth teams have participated with NBNC. In this annual event, which is part competition and part fund raiser, teams scour the Garden State in an attempt to find and identify as many types of birds as possible. As one generation of World Series alumni are becoming adult conservationists, a new generation is participating for the first time, and both shared the experience together this year.

Our youth team had the joy of discovering Cape May County and exploring the fields, forests, beaver ponds, and beaches full of birds. From dawn until dusk, they enjoyed countless “life birds” and tallied an impressive 111 species. Our team of young adult “alumni” spent a full 24-hours scouring Cape May and finding 148 species during the competition. Additionally, the teams raised thousands of dollars to benefit the NBNC’s Youth Birding Program.

Whether watching a Ruby-throated Hummingbird sitting on its nest by day, or listening to the echoing calls of Clapper Rails ringing through a saltmarsh at night, the memories from our birding “big day” will last a lifetime. 

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