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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Grand Canyon

by Bryan Pfeiffer, reposted with permission

The Naturalist Journeys Lecture Series
Join Bryan Pfeiffer on Friday, January 27, at 7pm for his presentation Into the Canyon, Into the Earth at the Unitarian Church of Montpelier. More info about the Naturalist Journeys Lectures.

I’m up from another hike in the Grand Canyon. No photo, no amount of hyperbole, does it justice. But I’ll try with five images. First is dawn on the South Rim after a snowstorm from our camp on Utah Flats, 1500 feet above the Colorado River on the north side. The second looks north from the Tonto Platform, a shelf of Bright Angel Shale at 3600 feet in elevation. The third is looking west above the Colorado River. Next is Ruth in Seventyfive Mile Canyon, a side slot canyon along our two-week hike. Finally, a Utah Juniper at sunrise on the South Rim. Click on each image for a wider, more satisfying view.

Find this and other stories by Bryan about the Grand Canyon, birds, dragonflies, and other natural history at The Daily Wing. Learn more about the Naturalist Journeys Lectures.

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