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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Probable Hoary Redpoll visits NBNC

At around 12:15 pm, a pale-looking redpoll landed in the Red Maple tree outside the office windows of the Nature Center, instantly grabbing the attention of those inside. After meticulously observing field marks, we are currently leaning in favor of calling this a Hoary Redpoll. More updates to follow, but here are a few pictures:

Notice the pale rump in the picture above

Notice the pale undertail coverts in the above picture, which show only a single black streak

The above photo shows two pictures of Redpolls taken just minutes apart under the feeder, in the same light conditions. The bird in the upper photo is a Common Redpoll. The bird in the lower photo? We're leaning towards Hoary... more details will be posted soon.

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