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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hawk Owl Returns

After not being seen since January 1st, the Northern Hawk Owl was seen this morning at around 9:30 am. Here is a digiscoped picture:

More details about this sighting are in the comment of the previous post


  1. The Hawk Owl has been sighted in a new location, most recently seen Sunday. A birder reported to the VTBIRD list that it was "Sitting at top of dead tree just on river side of Rte 2 bridge over I-89, ~ 2 ½ miles east of Exit 9 (Middlesex) and 3 ½ mi west of Exit 8 (Montpelier)."

  2. The Hawk Owl was seen, as of 9:50 this morning, in the same location near I-89