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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Birds of Washington County

Inspired by our friends at the Vermont Center for Ecostudies (VCE), NBNC invites you to participate in our first year-long Washington County Birding Challenge. For an entire year, we will be tracking how many bird species are seen in Washington County (WaCo). How many birds will we find? You can help us by reporting the birds you see!

Through the WaCo Birding Challenge we seek to learn more about where different birds live in our county, discover areas that might be important to rare species, raise awareness about the many amazing birds that visit our county, and hav fun while celebrating our local biodiversity. We'll even include a venue for those who want to compete to see if they can find the most birds in WaCo. To submit your observations (starting January 1, 2011) or see the latest tally, visit http://www.northbranchnaturecenter.org/waco/ and stay tuned for details.

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